Soul Contact Home PayPal: Buy (s)Bloodstone PayPal: Buy (s)Turquoise PayPal: Buy (s)Blue lace agate PayPal: Buy (s)Tigers eye PayPal: Buy (s)Labradorite PayPal: Buy (s)Sodalite PayPal: Buy (s)Rose quartz PayPal: Buy (s)Moonstone PayPal: Buy (s)Calcite PayPal: Buy (s)Fire agate PayPal: Buy (s)Lepidolite PayPal: Buy (s)Rhodochrosite -Black  Tourmaline - - - -    Most powerful protector of well being. Clears tension and stress.                                                  Encourages a positive attitude. Strengthens the immune system. PayPal: Buy (s)Black tourmaline Choose a stone below to make up your bracelet -Bloodstone              - - - -    Powerful healer and revitaliser, brings intuition and courage.                                  An Aries stone - -Turquoise                - - - -    Releases inhibitions, calms the nerves, good for communication.                                                  Promotes inner calm and stimulates romantic love. A Pisces stone. -Blue Lace Agate     - - - -     Nurturing and supportive, brings peace of mind and calms                                                   anger. Encourages self expression. A Sagittarius stone. -Tigers Eye               - - - -     Promotes creativity and integrity. Energises your emotional self.                                                   A Leo stone. -Labradorite             - - - -     The bringer of light, banishing fear and insecurity, connects                                                   intellectual thought with intuitive wisdom. A Capricorn stone -Sodalite                    - - - -    Unites logic and intuition, invites truth and idealism.                                                  A Virgo stone. -Rose Quartz            - - - -    All about the heart, love and peace.  Attracts romantic love                                                   and invokes self esteem. A Taurus stone. -Moonstone              - - - -    Brings love and balance to emotions, helps to find good fortune and                                                 Enhances intuition. An Aquarius stone. -Calcite                      - - - -     Highly energising stone, balances emotions and dissolves problems.                                                   A Gemini stone. -Fire Agate                - - - -    Brings security and safety, stimulates vitality on all levels, instils deep                                                   security. A Cancer stone. -Lepidolite                - - - -    Reduces stress, aids sleep and brings emotional healing.                                                   A Libra stone. -Rhodochrosite        - - - -    Stone for heart and relationships, helps you face your fears and                                                   improves self worth. A Scorpio stone. Stones